Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY: Floral Broach

I love floral broaches and even more of the fabric ones too!

The Project:

I purchased a few colors of felt for 29 cents each from Joann's fabric & craft store.

I cut them in various sizes of squares.

I folded them in half...

Than folded them again in half...

Than I folded them into a triangle.

Like this.

 Than a round corner at the top...

 Their not all going to look perfect, but that's okay!

 Fold the felt together again with the pattern you are going for....

Using a needle & thread sew the needle through the felt.

 Tie together both ends of the thread.

 Like this.

 Using a hot glue gun, glue your pin & place it underneath your flower (you can use a safety pin just as well).

 Flip the flower over & arrange your felt pedals with the look your going for. I glued here & there in between the pedals to keep everything together.

I bought a set of sticker pearls from Michael's craft store for $1.

And, I glued one to the center of my flower.

The colors I used were dark pink, dark red, olive green and dark purple.

You can place the floral broach on anything, so here I am playing with what I can do with it :)

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