Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY: Flower Bracelet/ Necklace

 I have seen so many cute bracelets and necklaces with fabricated flowers on them. This design better not go out of style, because I absolutely LOVE the look. I have a lot of necklaces that I can just make my own flower to place on them without having to buy new accessories. Since I am all about finding great deals and saving money I figured I can make one myself. I went ahead and dug up my craft box, looked through my ribbons and searched for my pearls to get this done.

The Project:

The pearled bracelets I have, I think they need an up-lift :)

What you will need.... You can find these at your local craft/ fabric store (Michael's). You will see that everything is very inexpensive or you can always find neat items in the Clearance section. Also, if there are store coupons out there, take an advantage of those deals too!

Using your Measuring Tape/ Ruler your going to need about 6 inches of laced ribbon.

Using your needle, thread about 12 inches of thread, fold your fabric like a "Folding Fan" onto your needle and sew right through the edge of your lace. I am using a pin here to show you what the folds should look like when sewing through the lace.

Now this is where I am showing you the needle & thread sewing through the edge of the lace.

Once you are finished sewing through the lace it will look like this....
Now, push down the fabric at the end of the thread where your knot is & carefully scrunch down the lace. Tie a knot to hold it in place & cut the ends of the thread.

 Using your Hot Glue Gun, carefully glue the sewn ends together.

Like this...

 Now carefully glue the edges together. Remember, use a small amount of glue, because the glue can seep through the lace. (It's a hot mess if you don't... hee hee).

It's glued together!

 Turn it upside down and glue the bottom.

 Using your white felt & scissors cut out a circle the size of a Quarter out like this...

 Stick it onto where you just glued to.

Now at the opposite side of where you had just glued your felt on... carefully glue the bottom part of the lace.

Like this...

Stick your gem onto where you just glued to. It will be the center of your flower. Now I can FINALLY call it a "Flower" as oppose to calling it "Lace" this whole time :)

Now turn the flower over and glue a thin line across the felt.

Like this...

 Using your pin (you can use Safety Pins just as well)...

Stick it onto where you just glued to.

Get those pearls! (I grabbed 3 bracelets) and just pin them inside.

 Let's get a closer look!

I had to try it on :)

You can even place the flower onto a necklace or even use it as a Broach to pin onto your jacket.
What an up-lift my pearls got!  

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