Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY: Spray Painted Shadow Boxes

I have been on the look out for something to put on this awkward wall that is in between these two doors I have in the master bedroom. I was pondering whether I should leave it alone or add simplicity to it, well this is what I came up with...

The Project:

I found these beauties at a store near where I live (DD's Discounts) and well, the name just goes with the discounts you find! I bought these for $6.99 and since I didn't like the color, I just figured I could just spray paint them :)

I went to my local hardware store (Lowe's) and I bought a can of black shiny paint 
for only 99 cents. You can always use a different brand & don't forget to wear gloves!

I went in the garage for this, placed some old ads on the table for protection.

I sprayed each box slightly away from the boxes so your paint won't drip. Little by little just Spray-Wait-Dry-Spray-Wait-Dry... was the motto I was following. I tend to be very impatient, so I sprayed too much :/

Not bad for the fire engine red shadow boxes you once were!

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  1. I Have A Set Of Beige Ones And I Cant Make Up My Mind What Colour To Paint Them (black or white).........Wouldnt You Know It My Walls Are Almost The Same Colour As Yours So Now I Am Thinking Maybe Black With White Accessories?


Thank You :)